Driven, energetic, innovative, passionate multi-facted leader and entrepreneur. Exceptional skills in Digital Media, specializing in Video, Audio, Web and Graphic Design. Independent Gospel Recording Artist, Published Author, & Licensed Minister. Founder of ET Media & Studios, A small business designed to consult and provide churches, and other organizations, media departments with branding, web design, graphic design, marketing and video presentations.


What is my Creative Process? 
1) Questions: I start every process with the company in mind. What does the company represent? Who is the target audience or customer for the company? And what can I do through my add value to the company or brand? 2)Research: Once I ask myself these questions them I research to get an idea of what that company or brands image looks like and how they currently brand themselves. 
3) Design Process: After Research I then begin the design process. What Information and Resources are need before starting on Projects? 
1) Summary of their business or brand. Tell mea little bit about your job and the company or brand you work for! I want to know your mission and values. 
2) Timeline of how long I have to complete design materials. I need a timeline and a due date this is how I stay organized. 
3) All materials, resources and information regarding the project. Anything I need to know in order to complete the work! 

What do I love most about my job? 
What I love most about my Job is helping people! Everyday I have to opportunity to help someone else's business grow and be apart of that process of growth and success. I get to do what I love and am passionate about while working for others! What inspired me to start Graphic Design professionally? What inspired me to start my business is being taken advantage of my multiple graphic designers that I was paying for a nonprofit I founded years ago. The fees of paying graphic designers started to add up and I was not receiving high quality graphic design work. I started taking classes to learn how to do it on my own and for 5 Years I studied and trained on how to perfect my skills so I could be able to start a business to help others. 

Why me? 
Clients, businesses, companies and brands should choose me because I genuinely care about every client that I serve. I care about their business and value it just as much as I value my own. I am a hard worker that will not be satisfied until the customer is satisfied. I have years of experience, I am a professional and I have the skills but I also have a heart that is interested in the development and growth of your company /brand!

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